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CryptoCoin.com: Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC)

6,593 USD • 5,592 EUR • 
(Source: Kraken.com, 10 minutes ago)

Bitcoin (BTC) is a consensus network that enables a new payment system and a completely digital money. It is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen. From a user perspective, Bitcoin is like cash for the Internet. Bitcoin is the first implementation of a concept called "crypto-currency", suggesting the idea of a new form of money that uses cryptography to control its creation and transactions, rather than a central authority. The first Bitcoin specification and proof of concept was published in 2009 in a cryptography mailing list by Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi left the project in late 2010 without revealing much about himself. The community has since grown exponentially with many developers working on Bitcoin. Initial announcement.

Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 1 (14.1), 6 months: 1 (8.7), 3 months: 1 (8.7), 4 weeks: 2 (9.8), 1 week: 1 (9.4)

Bitcoin Summary
Cryptocoin Bitcoin (BTC)
Home Page https://bitcoin.org/
User Forums https://forum.bitcoin.com/BitcoinTalk.org
Documentation https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/
Source Code https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin
Wallet Download https://bitcoin.org/en/choose-your-wallet
Blockchain Explorer https://blockchain.info/
Coin Exchanges http://howtobuybitcoins.info/
Coin Faucets https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/List_of_faucets
Mining Pools BitcoinMining.com/Comparison of mining pools
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 • 2017-11-11: Cryptocurrency Release: Bitcoin (BTC) 0.15.1
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Release History
Version Release Date Announcement • Release Notes • Changelog • Features List • Source Code
2018-09-17 release notes, source code
2018-09-18 release announcement, release notes, source code
2018-09-19 release announcement, release notes, source code
2017-06-17 release announcement, release notes, source code
2017-01-03 release announcement, release notes, source code
2016-04-15 release announcement, release notes, source code
2015-11-13 release announcement, release notes, source code
2015-10-15 release announcement, release notes, source code
2015-01-12 release notes, source code
2013-12-09 release notes, source code
2012-12-14 release notes, source code
2012-06-25 release notes, source code
2012-04-10 release notes
2011-11-21 release notes
2011-07-09 source code
2010-06-21 source code
2009-09-16 source code
2009-01-03 release announcement

Bitcoin (BTC) Market Statistics by CoinMarketCap.com, CoinCap.io and WorldCoinIndex.com, updated 17 minutes ago
Rank (by market cap)
Market Capitalisation (USD) $114,175,919,344 Latest Price (BTC) ฿1.0
Available Supply (BTC) 17,285,387 BTC Latest Price (USD) $6,605.343539
Total Supply (BTC) 17,285,387 BTC Latest Price (EUR) €5,608.606812
24 Hour Trade Volume (USD) $4,225,437,418 Latest Price (GBP) £5,039.820687
Price Change in 24 Hours * -2.16% Latest Price (CNY) 45,092.670000 元
Price Change in 7 Days * +2.61% Latest Price (RUR) 441,521.808207 ₽
24h VWAP (USD) ** $6,656.611070    
*The "Percent Change" data are calculated from USD prices (not BTC prices). **VWAP - Volume-Weighted Average Price.
Sources: CoinMarketCap.com, CoinCap.io, WorldCoinIndex.com

Latest Data by Market Aggregation Services (updated 17 minutes ago)
 Latest Price (USD)  $6,605.343539 $6,598.924289 $6,592.366175 N/A
 Latest Price (BTC)  ฿1.0 N/A ฿1.00000000 N/A
 24-Hour Volume  $4,225,437,418 $4,232,397,599 ฿616,787.26 N/A

Latest Trades (updated 10 minutes ago)
 Currency Pair 
BTC-USD   6,594.51   6,583.68 6,560.30 6,587.70 6,602.35 6,593.00 6,612.39
BTC-EUR 5,619.17       5,598.70     5,591.90  
BTC-GBP               5,147.60  
BTC-CAD               8,514.60  
BTC-CNY                 N/A
BTC-JPY               728,325.00  
BTC-RUB         425,000.90        
BTC-KRW     9,819,000.00            

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2018-09-24 Bu Tabloya Göre Bitcoin Yüzde 73 Yükselecek
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2018-09-23 Bug Fixed in Bitcoin Core 0.16.3 Was Much Worse Than Previously Disclosed, Could Have Inflated Bitcoin Supply
2018-09-23 Bitcoin Developer Refutes Dotplay Technology, Featured On CNBC Crypto Trader
2018-09-23 Correction d'une vulnérabilité critique sur Bitcoin Core
2018-09-23 Bitcoin Week Summary: no software bugs or regulatory approvals can shatter the honey badger
2018-09-23 UNICEF France Now Accepts Donations in Bitcoin and Other Major Cryptos
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2018-09-23 Singapore Prime Minister Protests Against Fraudulent Sites For Bitcoin Promotions
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2018-09-23 AntPool Bitcoin Mining Pool will be the Sponsor of NBA's Houston Rockets
2018-09-23 Tether Has No Significant Impact On Bitcoin Price, Study Reveals
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2018-09-23 Bitcoin Is a Safe-Haven During an Economic Crisis
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2018-09-21 Bitcoin Core Developers Averted Network Crash With Latest Fix
2018-09-21 SEC Delays Cboe Bitcoin ETF, Again
2018-09-21 Cybercriminals' Still Prefer Bitcoin But Privacy Alt-Coins Will Rise, Europol Report
2018-09-21 Bitmain CEO Announces New 7nm Bitcoin Mining Chip
2018-09-21 What Bitcoin Did #35 An Interview with Jake Chervinsky

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