Qtum Electrum v0.18.12

Filename Size Modified (d/m/y)
Qtum-electrum-linux-v0.18.12-x86_64.AppImage 67.56 MB 22/03/2019 09:07:09
Qtum-electrum-osx-v0.18.12.dmg 49.71 MB 22/03/2019 08:57:52
Qtum-electrum-win-v0.18.12-portable.exe 43.12 MB 22/03/2019 09:01:58
Qtum-electrum-win-v0.18.12-setup.exe 28.8 MB 22/03/2019 09:01:25
Qtum-electrum-win-v0.18.12.exe 43.12 MB 22/03/2019 09:01:16

About Qtum Electrum

  • QRC20-Token support
  • multisignature support
  • segwit support
  • hardware wallet support

What's new

  • reduce GUI freeze the first time synchronizing
  • speed up loading transaction history
  • fix parsing contract-call result
  • fix encoding contract-create constructor args
  • some minor improvements


  • Trezor uses bitcoin mode for now, it shows bitcoin type address when signing transactions.

Hash Validation

Hash: SHA256

If you would like to validate that the binaries you download are exactly the same as those provided and built by the Qtum team, then you can compare your binaries to the following sha256sum hashes:
9541a934ff10b28c17f0d3a674b3447a923380f0a7ee2469d625d6d639cdaf72  Qtum-electrum-osx-v0.18.12.dmg
b5e9b82b4c60f6c15a4be0abf1f3963c93a705a5156c16c2a6eb38d290ab633e  Qtum-electrum-win-v0.18.12-portable.exe
442e2d8183ef231b927f83194366b3007cc6dcbcb3010bd55d13cce1576b24c5  Qtum-electrum-win-v0.18.12-setup.exe
edf2a0197dc38cf4e5025bd2b7b652d6a1f5a18385cf19b575c8db7c5ec3b0c5  Qtum-electrum-win-v0.18.12.exe
395c345963ada6a9c9590bdd9a6f03798c134a658bebe059f5bfe1b3dd7049a8  Qtum-electrum-linux-v0.18.12-x86_64.AppImage