Trinity Desktop v0.5.0-RC1

Filename Size Modified (d/m/y)
trinity-desktop-0.5.0-RC1.AppImage 73.64 MB 19/02/2019 20:04:19
trinity-desktop-0.5.0-RC1.dmg 71.94 MB 19/02/2019 19:55:13
trinity-desktop-0.5.0-RC1.exe 51.89 MB 19/02/2019 20:09:01

Test release warning

This is an early (alpha) release of the desktop wallet. It is to be used for testing purposes only, with very small amounts of tokens.


  • Update: Add data migration Retry and Change node functionality
  • Fix: Account transition does not work
  • Fix: Onboarding unique seed check raises error
  • Fix: Additional account onboarding freezes after first unsuccessful try
  • Fix: Unable to cancel history refresh without Ledger device
  • Fix: Receive closes automatically on Ledger account

File Hashes

File Platform SHA256 Hash
trinity-desktop-0.5.0-RC1.exe Windows 6ed51d1d2503215807e3fbaa7f1c657c688836ef2dc5d2d7497c03d61323d990
trinity-desktop-0.5.0-RC1.dmg macOS 0344b940e3264ff4c85846f1ab43bcaa7867a887e80fd7d6ba47ea98a0aec636
trinity-desktop-0.5.0-RC1.AppImage Linux baadac7848571b41e5c16806d9e72b1904c8954f7ac2ccd0656c663172aa2f8a