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CryptoCoin.com: Ripple (XRP)

Ripple (XRP)

8,180 satoshi
(Source: Poloniex, 18 minutes ago)

Ripple (XRP) is a native currency of Ripple, a payment protocol, currency exchange and remittance network. Launched in 2012, Ripple's mission is to enable secure, instant and nearly free global financial transactions. It is based around a shared, public database which uses a consensus process that allows for payments, exchanges and remittance in a distributed process. Despite being owned and operated by a company (based in the USA) and being the custodians of the majority of XRP tokens, the Ripple network is decentralised and it can operate even without the enterprise behind it. In the beginning, Ripple provided both web-based and desktop wallets clients for users to download; this was however discontinued in late 2016 in favour of an official Ripple gateway at GateHub.net. Unofficial Ripple desktop wallets are also available from third-party resources.

Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 22 (3.6), 6 months: 17 (3.1), 3 months: 8 (3.5), 4 weeks: 14 (2.5), 1 week: 25 (2.1)

Ripple Summary
Cryptocoin Ripple (XRP)
Home Page https://ripple.com/
User Forums https://forum.ripple.com/XRPChat.com
Documentation https://ripple.com/build/https://wiki.ripple.com/
Source Code https://github.com/ripple
Wallet Download Rippex.netGateHub.net
Blockchain Explorer https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/Bithomp.comXRPScan.com
Coin Exchanges https://ripple.com/xrp/buy-xrp/BinanceBitfinexBithumbBittrexCEX.IOHitBTCKrakenPoloniexShapeShift
Coin Faucets  
Mining Pools --
Related Websites GateHub.netRippex.netCoinGecko.comCoinwik.orgWikipedia

Recent Related News
 • 2019-02-13: Cryptocurrency Release: Ripple (XRP) 1.2.0
 • 2018-09-18: Cryptocurrency Release: Ripple (XRP) 1.1.0
 • 2018-06-14: Cryptocurrency Release: Ripple (XRP) 1.0.1
 • 2018-05-31: Cryptocurrency Release: Ripple (XRP) 1.0.0
 • 2018-02-22: Cryptocurrency Release: Ripple (XRP) 0.90.0
 • 2017-12-15: Cryptocurrency Release: Ripple (XRP) 0.80.2

 • More Ripple news...

Release History
Version Release Date Announcement • Release Notes • Changelog • Features List • Source Code
2019-02-13 release announcement, release notes, source code
2018-11-11 release announcement, rlease notes, source code
2018-06-04 release announcement, rlease notes, source code
2018-03-27 release notes, source code
2018-01-08 release notes, source code
2017-09-21 release announcement, source code
2017-05-11 release announcement, source code
2017-03-14 release announcement, source code
2017-01-11 release announcement, source code
2016-10-06 release announcement, source code
2016-05-03 release notes, source code
2016-05-24 release notes, source code

Ripple (XRP) Market Statistics by CoinMarketCap.com, CoinCap.io and WorldCoinIndex.com, updated 34 minutes ago
Rank (by market cap)
Market Capitalisation (USD) $14,015,380,809 Latest Price (BTC) ฿0.00008135
Available Supply (XRP) 41,365,634,610 XRP Latest Price (USD) $0.338817
Total Supply (XRP) 99,991,689,289 XRP Latest Price (EUR) €0.300491
24 Hour Trade Volume (USD) $720,012,121 Latest Price (GBP) £0.261338
Price Change in 24 Hours * +5.66% Latest Price (CNY) 2.310569 元
Price Change in 7 Days * +12.3% Latest Price (RUR) 21.803914 ₽
24h VWAP (USD) **    
*The "Percent Change" data are calculated from USD prices (not BTC prices). **VWAP - Volume-Weighted Average Price.
Sources: CoinMarketCap.com, CoinCap.io, WorldCoinIndex.com

Latest Data by Market Aggregation Services (updated 34 minutes ago)
 Latest Price (USD)  $0.338817 $0.342848 N/A
 Latest Price (BTC)  ฿0.00008135 N/A ฿0.00008179 N/A
 24-Hour Volume  $720,012,121 ฿150,402.10 N/A

Latest Trades (updated 34 minutes ago)
 Currency Pair 
XRP-BTC 0.00008176 0.00008182   0.00008180 0.00008157 0.00008175 0.00008169 0.00008182 0.00008125
XRP-USD   0.34713000   0.33800000 0.33790000   0.33805000    
XRP-EUR         0.29190000   0.29787000    
XRP-CAD             0.45237000    
XRP-JPY             37.83200000    
XRP-KRW     893            
0.00212498     0.00212099   0.00211800     0.00210640
      0.33886000   0.33830000   0.33892185  

Recent Ripple News Roundup
2019-02-23 Revealed: Ripple Partner Integrating XRP-Based Payments to Middle East and Canada
2019-02-23 Ripple's Twelve Apostles: A Look At Top Companies Leveraging XRP Blockchain Payment System
2019-02-22 XRP News: Mercury Fx Ready To Go Global With Ripple
2019-02-22 Ripple Gets A Boost With New XRP Content Creation Web Monetization Strategy
2019-02-22 Expanding Global Reaches - Ripple's Success Stories
2019-02-22 Wietse Wind Shares XRP Tipbot Specs During Recently Held AMA and Talks Ripple's Xpring System
2019-02-21 100,000,000 XRP Worth $32 Million Moved From Ripple Escrow Wallet
2019-02-21 Mercury FX: Real-World Use of Ripple's XRP-Powered xRapid Significantly Faster and Cheaper Than SWIFT
2019-02-21 Ripple Sells Millions Of XRP Over The Counter
2019-02-21 Ripple's EU XRP Game Plan: Solve Europe's Innovation Issue with Faster Payments
2019-02-21 What Is Ripple? What Is XRP? Ultimate New Guide Based on Extensive Research
2019-02-21 David Schwartz Tells Crypto Community XRP Ledger is Better than Bitcoin
2019-02-21 Ripple is on a Mission to Solve Europe's Innovation Issue
2019-02-21 SBI Holding Supports Ripple Cryptocurrency And R3 Consortium
2019-02-21 XRP/Ripple: R3's Corda Settler dApp to be tested by InstiMatch Global using XRP
2019-02-20 Ripple's Digital Asset Reaches 50 New Banks In New Blockchain And Crypto Pilot
2019-02-20 How to Create a Ripple Paper Wallet - Beginner's Guide
2019-02-19 XRP Onboards 50 Banks via R3 Corda Settler and Insitmatch Global
2019-02-19 11 Great Wallets To Store Ripple In 2019
2019-02-19 R3 Brings XRP to 50 Banks in New Blockchain and Crypto Pilot
2019-02-19 SBI Plans To Boost Ripple's XRP Mass Adoption
2019-02-18 Major Omani Bank Joins RippleNet Cross-Border Payment Network
2019-02-18 Forbes: JPMCoin is a "Slap in the Face" for Ripple
2019-02-18 Spend.com Announces XRP Support for Spend App
2019-02-18 Ripple Holds Potential to be Promising Investment Vehicle
2019-02-18 XRP Boom - Tencent Confirms Interest in Ripple's Native Cryptocurrency
2019-02-18 Ripple CEO Explains Why He's Not Bothered By JP Morgan's Cryptocurrency
2019-02-17 SpendApp Adds XRP Support With Visa Partnership, Now Spend XRP Across 180 Countries Worldwide
2019-02-17 You Can Now Spend XRP at Over 40 Million Location in Over 118 Countries
2019-02-17 Crypto Exchange eToro Explores Partnership With Ripple
2019-02-16 One of the Biggest XRP and Crypto Trading Platforms Explores Partnership With Ripple
2019-02-16 XRP: eToro CEO "Very Interested" In Forming Relationship With Ripple Labs
2019-02-16 Ripple Whale Moves $7.5 Million in XRP Transferred to Unknown Wallet
2019-02-15 JPMorgan's Cryptocurrency Will "Obliterate" Ripple, Says Bloomberg Editor
2019-02-15 Ripple Boss: Bank-Issued Digital Assets A Deeply Misguided Idea
2019-02-15 Ripple and XRP face new challenges as JP Morgan launches new stablecoin, JPM coin
2019-02-15 Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse Says JPMorgan Coin 'Misses the Point' of Crypto
2019-02-14 Ripple Introduces XRP Ledger Version 1.2.0 With Upgrade Deadline of Feb. 27
2019-02-14 Ripple Partners with Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK) to Speed Up Payments
2019-02-14 Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse Says XRP Will Beat Any Bank-Backed Crypto
2019-02-14 XRP Arrows Up as Ripple Inc Fund Projects Promoting Coin's Use Cases
2019-02-14 Ripple Announces XRP Ledger (rippled) 1.2.0 with Increased Censorship Resistance and Features
2019-02-14 Ripple's Fundraising Arm Xpring Invests in XRP Community Developer's Lab
2019-02-14 Community Manager at Prasos Bitcoin Broker Believes XRP is Not Cryptocurrency
2019-02-14 Investing in Ripple's XRP is More like "Buying a Share" in a Company: Asserts Finnish Crypto Exchange
2019-02-14 Exchange Listing XRP Says Ripple "Not Crypto"
2019-02-14 Latest XRP Ledger Release Boosts Censorship Resistance and More
2019-02-14 Ripple And Barclays Invest In Payment Startup From USA
2019-02-14 New Version of XRP Ledger Launched Amidst Harsh Bear Market
2019-02-14 Ripple Backs XRP-Based Decentralized Exchange, Mobile Wallet and Cold Crypto Storage OS
2019-02-13 Ripple's Xpring Invests in Wietse Wind's XRPL Labs
2019-02-13 XRP FUD: Multiple Twitter bots found manipulating XRP investors by claiming token's dev team has quit
2019-02-13 Report Claims Ripple Tempts Recruits with Generous XRP Packages
2019-02-13 Western Union piloting settlement tests with Ripple
2018-12-12 "XRP Certainly Doesn't Look like a Security to me" Says Binance CEO
2018-12-12 South Korean Crypto Exchange Launches Ripple Powered Remittance Service
2018-12-12 Ripple Aims To Establish The 'Internet Of Value', Says Company's Official
2019-02-12 Ripple's CTO Affirms XRP Interledger Protocol Is Not Connected to RippleNet
2019-02-12 How Ripple's XRP Stacks Up Against SWIFT: A Quick Comparison of xRapid for Global Payments
2019-02-12 Western Union Acknowledges Experiments With Ripple Tech
2019-02-12 XRP and Ripple Stand to Benefit if the World Bank and McKinsey Projections are True
2019-02-12 Payments Giant Western Union Preparing for Crypto, Tests Ripple and XRP
2019-02-12 Why can't you mine XRP? Is Ripple's model better than PoW cryptocurrencies?
2019-02-12 Ripple, Mastercard and Barclays Invest in Ripple-Based Remittance Firm SendFriend
2019-02-12 Ripple and XRP Update: Cory Johnson's Role As Chief Market Strategist Eliminated Due to 'Market Conditions'
2019-02-12 Could We Use XRP To Fight Email Spam?
2019-02-11 Cory Johnson Out As Ripple's Chief Market Strategist
2019-02-11 Ripple and XRP vs. SWIFT: Head to head comparison
2019-02-11 Ripple Offered Multimillion-Dollar XRP Bonuses to Lure Top Tech Talent
2019-02-11 UAE Exchange and Payment Platform Unimoni Join Ripple's Payments Network
2019-02-11 XRP Seems to Have a Very Prosperous Future In the Financial World as Ripple Continues Inking Deals
2019-02-11 Two Remittance Firms Go Live With Ripple-Based Payments to Thailand
2019-02-10 Ripple's xRapid-powered Coins.ph to integrate with UnionBank of Philippines to launch crypto ATM
2019-02-10 Ripple Donates $2M to University of Kansas for Crypto Research
2019-02-09 SWIFT Casts Doubt On Blockchain,Throws Shade At Ripple's XRP Ledger For Banking Transactions
2019-02-09 XRP Ledger Surpasses 1.5 Million Accounts
2019-02-09 Ripple Initiative Results in $1 Million Windfall for University of Michigan
2019-02-08 XRP will soon hit Abra cryptocurrency platform, confirms CEO Bill Barhydt
2019-02-08 Ripple Talks About Regulations in EU
2019-02-08 Abra Now Allows Users To Buy Stocks Using Ripple
2019-02-08 Mercury FX CEO: Ripple's xRapid Provides 'Optimized Speeds And Costs' For Moving Money
2019-02-08 Ripple's xRapid is the future, says Alastair Constance
2019-02-07 Abra CEO Says 'Yes' to XRP for US Stocks As Ripple Partners With 11 New Universities
2019-02-07 Binance Wants to Add Ripple's xRapid as a Partner in Future, CZ Reveals
2019-02-07 Ripple Expands Blockchain University Initiative With Partners in US, China and Singapore
2019-02-07 Ripple Teams With 10 New Universities for Blockchain Research Initiative
2019-02-07 How to Convert Ripple to USD
2019-02-07 Binance CEO Expresses Interest in Partnership with Ripple
2019-02-06 Ripple Says xCurrent Beats SWIFT by 90%, Pushes for Institutional Adoption of XRP
2019-02-06 TransferGo Appreciates Ripple, Says 'We see Ripple as a strategic partner moving forward'
2019-02-06 Brazil's Ramessa Online Uses Ripple's xCurrent But Awaits Full Regulations Before XRP Integration
2019-02-05 Ripple Labs and Stellar's Jed McCaleb May Have New XRP Deal in Place
2019-02-05 Ripple Brings XRP to Music Industry, Backs Startup in Santa Monica
2019-02-05 Ripple Moves $302 Million Worth of XRP With an Interesting Memo
2019-02-05 Ripple Moves 1 Billion XRP Worth $302 Million in Huge Crypto Transfer
2019-02-03 Ripple Partner Euro Exim Bank Successfully Integrates XRP-Powered xRapid
2019-02-03 Ripple CTO Doubles Down On "XRP Ledger Is Decentralized" Argument
2019-02-02 Ripple Targets China's $67 Billion Remittance Market, Plans to Open New Office in Shanghai
2019-02-02 Ripple CTO Voices Latest Twitter Reaction Against Blanket Statements Regarding "Big Banks"
2019-02-02 Ripple CEO Is Open To Hire SWIFT's Retiring CEO

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