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CryptoCoin.com: Ripple (XRP)

Ripple (XRP)

8,100 satoshi
(Source: Poloniex, 3 minutes ago)

Ripple (XRP) is a native currency of Ripple, a payment protocol, currency exchange and remittance network. Launched in 2012, Ripple's mission is to enable secure, instant and nearly free global financial transactions. It is based around a shared, public database which uses a consensus process that allows for payments, exchanges and remittance in a distributed process. Despite being owned and operated by a company (based in the USA) and being the custodians of the majority of XRP tokens, the Ripple network is decentralised and it can operate even without the enterprise behind it. In the beginning, Ripple provided both web-based and desktop wallets clients for users to download; this was however discontinued in late 2016 in favour of an official Ripple gateway at GateHub.net. Unofficial Ripple desktop wallets are also available from third-party resources.

Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 26 (9.5), 6 months: 8 (14.0), 3 months: 22 (5.3), 4 weeks: 38 (4.0), 1 week: 27 (4.4)

Ripple Summary
Cryptocoin Ripple (XRP)
Home Page https://ripple.com/
User Forums https://forum.ripple.com/XRPChat.com
Documentation https://ripple.com/build/https://wiki.ripple.com/
Source Code https://github.com/ripple
Wallet Download Rippex.netGateHub.net
Blockchain Explorer https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/Bithomp.com
Coin Exchanges https://ripple.com/xrp/buy-xrp/BinanceBitfinexBithumbBittrexCEX.IOHitBTCKrakenPoloniexShapeShift
Coin Faucets  
Mining Pools --
Related Websites GateHub.netRippex.netCoinGecko.comCoinwik.orgWikipedia

Recent Related News
 • 2018-02-22: Cryptocurrency Release: Ripple (XRP) 0.90.0
 • 2017-12-15: Cryptocurrency Release: Ripple (XRP) 0.80.2
 • 2017-10-22: Cryptocurrency Release: Ripple (XRP) 0.80.0

 • More Ripple news...

Release History
Version Release Date Announcement • Release Notes • Changelog • Features List • Source Code
2018-05-15 rlease notes, source code
2018-03-27 release notes, source code
2018-01-08 release notes, source code
2017-09-21 release announcement, source code
2017-05-11 release announcement, source code
2017-03-14 release announcement, source code
2017-01-11 release announcement, source code
2016-10-06 release announcement, source code
2016-05-03 release notes, source code
2016-05-24 release notes, source code

Ripple (XRP) Market Statistics by CoinMarketCap.com, CoinCap.io and WorldCoinIndex.com, updated 34 minutes ago
Rank (by market cap)
Market Capitalisation (USD) $23,789,760,750 Latest Price (BTC) ฿0.00008214
Available Supply (XRP) 39,189,968,239 XRP Latest Price (USD) $0.607037
Total Supply (XRP) 99,992,233,977 XRP Latest Price (EUR) €0.508933
24 Hour Trade Volume (USD) $189,583,000 Latest Price (GBP) £0.449241
Price Change in 24 Hours * +0.23% Latest Price (CNY) 3.965265 元
Price Change in 7 Days * -13.07% Latest Price (RUR) 37.055019 ₽
24h VWAP (USD) ** $0.604061    
*The "Percent Change" data are calculated from USD prices (not BTC prices). **VWAP - Volume-Weighted Average Price.
Sources: CoinMarketCap.com, CoinCap.io, WorldCoinIndex.com

Latest Data by Market Aggregation Services (updated 34 minutes ago)
 Latest Price (USD)  $0.607037 $0.605701 $0.598879 N/A
 Latest Price (BTC)  ฿0.00008214 N/A ฿0.00008113 N/A
 24-Hour Volume  $189,583,000 $190,283,000 ฿25,623.67 N/A

Latest Trades (updated 34 minutes ago)
 Currency Pair 
XRP-BTC 0.00008119 0.00008116   0.00008128 0.00008117 0.00008110 0.00008099 0.00008100 0.00008056
XRP-USD   0.59267000     0.60690000   0.59480000    
XRP-EUR         0.51260000   0.50629000    
XRP-CAD             0.76000000    
XRP-JPY             65.97500000    
XRP-KRW     893            
0.00106757     0.00107488   0.00108000     0.00106092
      0.59000000   0.59950000   0.59250207  

Recent Ripple News Roundup
2018-05-15 Rippled 1.0.0 launches, xRapid product ready for market
2018-05-15 Ripple News: XRP Down, Xpring News, Community Night at Consensus 2018
2018-05-15 Rippled 1.0 Released Gold Status - Ripple (XRP) Community Night
2018-05-15 Ripple (XRP) Is At Consensus 2018 and also Launches Xpring Initiative for Entrepreneurs
2018-05-15 Ripple Launches 'Xpring' Initiative to Invest in XRP-Focused Startups
2018-05-15 Ripple Launches Venture Capital Arm Xpring to Build XRP Ecosystem
2018-05-15 Ripple CTO Stefan Thomas Splits Off to Launch Coil Project
2018-05-15 Ripple's New Initiative Xpring Aims to Become the Ideal Tool for Entrepreneurs and Startups
2018-05-15 Ripple (XRP) Launches Incubator Program, "Already Vetting Hundreds", Ex-Facebook Director In Charge
2018-05-15 Ripple's New Initiative To Enhance The Internet of Value and XRP
2018-05-14 Ripple Launches Venture Capital Fund 'Xpring' to Bootstrap XRP Adoption
2018-05-14 Ripple Announces Xpring Initiative to Build Ecosystem Around XRP
2018-05-14 Ripple insists that XRP is not Ripple as the Debate continues on whether cryptocurrencies are security
2018-05-14 Ripple Launches New Investment/Incubator Arm for Businesses Using XRP
2018-05-14 Mitsubishi Corporation Testing Ripple (XRP) Ledger Protocol For Cross Border Remittance
2018-05-14 xRapid, Ripple's Payment Solution that uses XRP - The Pilot Results Are Out
2018-05-14 Clearing Unclear Facts About Ripple XRP And Stellar XLM
2018-05-14 Ripple Announces Successful xRapid Pilot
2018-05-13 xRapid: A Ripple (XRP) Payment Solution That Uses XRP, The Coin
2018-05-13 Ripple Announces Positive First Pilot Results for xRapid
2018-05-13 As SEC Debates Whether Cryptocurrencies Are Securities, Initiative Seeks to Distance XRP from Ripple
2018-05-13 Fintechs' Acceptance Of Ripple [XRP] xRapid Equals XRP Adoption And Growth
2018-05-12 Fast and Cheap: Ripple's xRapid Delivers on its Promise
2018-05-12 Ripple community comes up with new XRP logo ideas
2018-05-11 Ripple xRapid Achieves Cheaper and Faster Cross-Border Transactions
2018-05-11 Ripple (XRP): xRapid Pilot Results Mean MSBs Could Be Early Adopters
2018-05-10 Ripple Cross-Border Payments Pilot: Financial Institutions Report Significant Time, Cost Savings
2018-05-10 Coinone Crypto Exchange Set to use Ripple [XRP] Blockchain Solution for Cross-Border Remittances
2018-05-10 Ripple: XRP Payment Pilots Cut Fees by 40-70 Percent
2018-05-10 XRP Symbol Proposes New Logo to Distinguish Coin from Other Ripple Products
2018-05-10 Ripple xRapid Passes its Pilot Trial with Flying Colors
2018-05-10 Ripple Powers Korean Crypto Exchange Coinone for Blockchain Remittance
2018-05-10 Coinone Enters a New Partnership with Ripple (XRP) to Use its xCurrent
2018-05-10 "Savings of 40-70%" on cross-border payments - Ripple [XRP]'s xRapid pilot results released
2018-05-10 Ripple Announces Successful US-Mexico Transfers Using xRapid
2018-05-09 Coinone Joins RippleNet Amid Claims That Ripple 'Is Trying to Build a Private Central Bank'
2018-05-09 Crypto Exchange Coinone Taps Ripple for New Remittance Service
2018-05-09 Ripple and Korean Coinone Became Partners
2018-05-08 Ripple (XRP) Given Opportunity To Prove Itself
2018-05-08 All Eyes on Ripple as it Faces Lawsuit - is XRP a Security?
2018-05-08 Ripple's pros and cons: World's most practical and innovative financial network
2018-05-07 Lawsuit Against Ripple Raises Interesting Concerns about the Purpose of XRP tokens
2018-05-06 Ripple Sued for Alleged Violations of US Securities Laws
2018-05-05 Ripple's XRP: The most amazing raw material in the crypto world
2018-05-05 Ripple Hit with Lawsuit While Binance Expands XRP Listings
2018-05-04 Investor Sues Ripple Alleging 'XRP Is A Security'
2018-05-04 Class Action Lawsuit Against Ripple Alleges Sale Of Unregistered Securities
2018-05-04 Disgruntled XRP Investor Hits Ripple with Class-Action Lawsuit
2018-05-04 Ripple Introduces Codius - A New Platform for Smart Contracts for the XRP Blockchain
2018-05-03 Standard Chartered to extend its use of the Ripple [XRP] Network
2018-05-03 Standard Chartered Pushes for Wider Adoption of RippleNet Across Asia
2018-05-03 Ripple (XRP) Resurrects Smart Contract Platform Codius
2018-05-03 Ripple Questioned by UK Parliament At Blockchain Hearing
2018-05-03 Ripple [XRP]'s SVP of Product - 'As the asset class matures, you'll see reduced volatility'
2018-05-03 UK Parliament Blockchain Hearing: Ripple on the Receiving End
2018-05-03 Ripple backed into a defensive position at the UK Parliament hearing
2018-05-02 Ripple [XRP]'s smart contract platform 'Codius' revived
2018-05-02 Ripple [XRP] plays a defensive game at the UK Parliament hearing
2018-05-02 Ripple In Cryptoworld: XRP Is A Diamond In The Rough
2018-05-01 Ripple Adds Another Bank to Instant International Payments Blockchain
2018-05-01 Ripple [XRP]'s Blockchain network to be adopted by an Oman based bank
2018-05-01 Ripple's Enterprise Blockchain Network Adds a New Bank
2018-05-01 Future Crypto Exchange by SBI Holdings will Use Ripple (XRP) as its Primary Currency
2018-04-30 Indian Exchange Koinex Lists XRP Pairs for All Supported Currencies
2018-04-30 7 lesser-known Ripple facts that you may not know
2018-04-30 More Fintechs Turn to Ripple (XRP) for Solution
2018-04-29 Koinex launches Ripple [XRP] based trading with 8 pairs going live
2018-04-29 The CEO explains why Ripple had one of the best quarters and XRP one of the worst
2018-04-28 Ripple [XRP]'s CEO talks about advanced innovative payment experiences
2018-04-28 MercuryFX Confirms xRapid and XRP Trials Have Been Successful
2018-04-28 Ripple Releases Performance Report for Q1 2018
2018-04-27 5 More Payments Firms to Adopt Ripple's xVia Tech
2018-04-27 Ripple [XRP] remains the leader in real production enterprise use case, says the CEO
2018-04-27 Increasing demand sees Ripple [XRP] Been Listed in the Revolut Platform
2018-04-26 Ripple's fluctuating price has raised skepticism among the XRP community
2018-04-26 Ripple Says Sales of XRP Cryptocurrency Rose 83% In Q1
2018-04-26 Ripple (XRP) Secures Five New Clients for xVia API
2018-04-26 Ripple Releases Q1 2018 Market Report - XRP Market Share Increases
2018-04-26 5 New Partnerships For Ripples xVia
2018-04-26 Ripple's (XRP) Crypto Market Share Up 2%
2018-04-26 Ripple Adds Five New Money Transfer Operators to xVia
2018-04-26 Swiss-French Bank's New International Transfer System Powered by Ripple is Up and Running
2018-04-25 Revolut Global Money App To Add Ripple (XRP) Soon
2018-04-25 Revolut Start-up to Add Ripple To Its Plaform in The Next Few Days
2018-04-25 Reasons Behind The Recent Ripple (XRP) Bull Run
2018-04-25 Ripple (XRP) Coming to the Revolut App Within Days
2018-04-24 Ripple Powered Santander Cross Boarder App Taking On Specialist Fintechs
2018-04-23 With Ripple [XRP], Santander plans to expand service to non-Santander customers
2018-04-23 ATFX adds Ripple to its cryptocurrency trading platform
2018-04-22 Here's Why Ripple Is Doing So Well
2018-04-21 Ripple's IoV vision is no less than a science fiction movie
2018-04-21 Best 2018 Ripple XRP Wallets
2018-04-20 Marcus Treacher's view on Ripple [XRP]'s coexistence with SWIFT
2018-04-19 Ripple [XRP] is now a hero in Europe too - Listed on AnycoinDirect
2018-04-19 The role that XRP token plays in Ripple products
2018-04-18 Ripple [XRP] adviser Matthew Mellon dead at 54
2018-04-18 Ripple [XRP] is a potential tech giant - trading volume hikes by 37%
2018-04-17 Ripple urges UK regulators to find balance between risk and innovation
2018-04-17 Ripple (XRP) HODLers Amongst The Most Optimistic
2018-04-17 Ripple (XRP): How Could You Miss This With Ripple?

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