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CryptoCoin.com: NeuCoin (NEU)

NeuCoin (NEU)

NeuCoin (NEU) is a decentralised open-source cryptocurrency first announced in February 2015 and eventually launched in September 2015 as a fork of Peercoin. It is a proof-of-stake (PoS) coin, although some proof-of-work (PoW) mining, generating some 5 million coins, was also available during the cryptocurrency's first year. The project began with a 3 billion pre-mine and this number is expected to grow to an estimated 100 billion over the following ten years. NeuCoin's economic model uses very high PoS interest, starting at 100% per year in year one and gradually declining to 6% per annum by year ten. The cryptocurrency is promoted by the project's founders as an excellent micropayment solution. Besides standard Qt-based desktop clients, Neucoin also develops a user-friendly online wallet at MyNeuCoin.com. Original announcement.

Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 85 (0.6), 6 months: 92 (0.3), 3 months: 93 (0.3), 4 weeks: 100 (0.3), 1 week: 103 (0.5)

NeuCoin Summary
Cryptocoin NeuCoin (NEU)
Home Page http://www.neucoin.org/
User Forums http://forum.neucoin.org/
Documentation Whitepaper
Source Code https://github.com/NeuCoin/neucoin/
Wallet Download http://www.neucoin.org/
Blockchain Explorer https://explorer.neucoin.org/
Coin Exchanges
Coin Faucets  
Mining Pools  
Related Websites MyNeuCoin.com

Recent Related News
 • 2016-02-20: Cryptocurrency Release: NeuCoin (NEU) 1.2.0
 • 2015-10-22: Cryptocurrency Release: NeuCoin (NEU) 1.1.1
 • 2015-09-24: Cryptocurrency Release: NeuCoin (NEU) 1.0.0

 • More NeuCoin news...

Release History
Version Release Date Announcement • Release Notes • Changelog • Features List • Source Code
2016-02-19 release notes, source code
2015-10-21 release notes, source code
2015-09-23 source code

Recent NeuCoin News Roundup
2016-11-26 The Utter Failure of NeuCoin Forces Foundation To Shut It Down
2016-03-19 NeuCoin Announces Coin Supply Halving And Exponential User Growth
2016-03-17 NeuCoin Performing Better than Its Own Forecasts, Changes Announced
2016-03-17 NeuCoin Gaining 8,000 Users a Day; Will Halve Supply to a Billion Coins
2016-03-15 Neucoin to Destroy 50% of Coin Supply, 2.2B Coins
2016-02-18 Neucoin Switchs to Proof-of-Stake Early to Alleviate Selling Pressure
2016-01-28 Neucoin – Convenient and Fast Cryptocurrency
2016-01-20 NeuCoin Reports Successful Start to Initial Applications
2015-12-23 NeuCoin Launches Facebook Game and Tipping Platform
2015-12-22 NeuCoin Just Launched Its First Commercial Applications
2015-12-21 NeuCoin Makes Moves With Facebook Game and Tipping Platform Launch
2015-11-05 NeuCoin Explains Bitcoin’s Limitations as PoW-Supporting Coin
2015-10-17 NeuCoin Creates New Ecosystem on Top of a Blockchain
2015-10-11 Trusted Backers Make NeuCoin More Trustable
2015-10-07 ‘Neucoin Will Have More Consumers Using It than Bitcoin within One Year’ - Founder
2015-09-29 NeuCoin Launches a New Digital Currency for Online and Mobile Gaming
2015-09-25 NeuCoin is Released Into the Wild
2015-09-24 NeuCoin Creates New Ecosystem on Top of a Blockchain
2015-09-24 NeuCoin Launches a Ready-to-Move Cryptocurrency Ecosystem
2015-09-23 NeuCoin – Not Just Another Blockchain, But A Complete Virtual Currency Ecosystem
2015-04-30 NeuCoin – The Most Successful Presale Since Ethereum
2015-04-30 Neucoin Scoops Up 2700 BTC in 2 Days – Best Coin Presale Since Ether Sale
2015-04-29 NeuCoin Raises over 2,000 BTC in First 8 Hours of Presale
2015-04-29 NeuCoin Presale Raising More Than 2,000 Bitcoins
2015-04-24 NeuCoin Implements ‘Anti-Whale’ Measures in Reaction to Presale Popularity
2015-04-20 Proof-of-Stake Currency NeuCoin Focuses on Micropayments; Prepares for Presale
2015-04-19 Neucoin Announces Presale to be Held on April 28
2015-04-18 Bitcoin Alternative NeuCoin Is Looking For $900,000
2015-04-17 NeuCoin Releases Whitepaper on Proof of Stake, Looks Improve on Current Designs
2015-04-14 Micropayment Cryptocurrency NeuCoin Announces Presale
2015-04-14 NeuCoin Teams With Tech's Top Executives To Bring Cryptocurrency To The Masses
2015-04-14 NeuCoin Announces Pre-Sale of 100 Million NEU
2015-04-13 NeuCoin Review: PoS in the Real World
2015-04-03 NeuCoin Whitepaper Reignites Proof-of-Work vs. Proof-of-Stake Debate
2015-03-26 NeuCoin Whitepaper Outlines the Math Needed for Proof-of-Stake to go Mainstream
2015-02-12 Altcoin Profile: NeuCoin
2015-02-03 NeuCoin Is A Bitcoin Alternative Designed for Microtransactions
2015-02-03 Uber, Hotwire Execs Back Micropayments Startup NeuCoin
2015-02-03 Is NeuCoin the Strongest Altcoin Opening in 2015 Thus Far?
2015-02-03 ChangeTip Competitor NeuCoin Launches with $2.25M of Funding
2015-02-03 Cryptocurrency startup NeuCoin raises $2.25 million seed round


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