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CryptoCoin.com: Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin (LTC)

0.0173 BTC
(Source: Poloniex, 9 minutes ago)

Litecoin is an open-source, peer-to-peer Internet currency forked from Bitcoin in 2011. Like Bitcoin, it enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. Litecoin's decentralised network is secured by complex mathematical computation which allows individuals to control their own finances. Compared to Bitcoin, Litecoin features faster transaction confirmation times and improved storage efficiency. It has emerged as the second most popular cryptocurrency, after Bitcoin. Original announcement.

Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 32 (8.9), 6 months: 41 (7.5), 3 months: 32 (5.6), 4 weeks: 20 (5.0), 1 week: 16 (5.7)

Litecoin Summary
Cryptocoin Litecoin (LTC)
Home Page https://litecoin.com/
User Forums https://litecointalk.org/
Documentation https://litecoin.com/#guide
Source Code https://github.com/litecoin-project/litecoin
Wallet Download https://litecoin.com/#wallets
Blockchain Explorer http://block-explorer.com/
Coin Exchanges https://litecoin.com/#exchangesBinanceBitfinexBithumbBittrexHitBTCKrakenLivecoinOKCoinPoloniexShapeShift
Coin Faucets https://litecoin.info/Service_directory#Faucet
Mining Pools https://litecoin.info/Mining_pool_comparison
Related Websites Litecoin.orgLitecoin AssociationLitecoin BlogCoinGecko.comCoinwik.orgCoinwarz.comWikipedia

Recent Related News
 • 2018-03-02: Cryptocurrency Release: Litecoin (LTC) 0.15.1
 • 2017-08-02: Cryptocurrency Release: Litecoin (LTC) 0.14.2
 • 2017-01-11: Cryptocurrency Release: Litecoin (LTC) 0.13.2
 • 2015-12-23: Cryptocurrency Release: Litecoin (LTC) RC1
 • 2015-10-26: Cryptocurrency Release: Litecoin (LTC) RC1
 • 2015-06-19: Cryptocurrency Release: Litecoin (LTC)

 • More Litecoin news...

Release History
Version Release Date Announcement • Release Notes • Changelog • Features List • Source Code
2018-03-16 source code
2018-03-02 release announcement, release notes, source code
2017-08-01 irelease announcement, release notes, source code
2017-01-11 release announcement, release notes, source code
2016-01-02 release announcement, release notes, source code
2015-01-13 release notes, source code
2012-12-14 source code
2012-07-26 source code
2012-03-14 source code
2011-09-23 source code
2011-07-09 source code
2010-06-21 source code
2009-09-16 source code

Litecoin (LTC) Blockchain Statistics, updated 6 minutes ago
Block Height * 1,409,554 Difficulty * 8,376,785 Total Supply (LTC) 56,236,883
Source: CryptoID.info. *"Block Height" refers to the total number of completed blocks in the blockchain, while "Difficulty" represents the number of attempts required to find the correct solution and to complete a block of transactions.

Litecoin (LTC) Market Statistics by CoinMarketCap.com, CoinCap.io and WorldCoinIndex.com, updated 15 minutes ago
Rank (by market cap)
Market Capitalisation (USD) $9,086,683,474 Latest Price (BTC) ฿0.0173041
Available Supply (LTC) 56,231,913 LTC Latest Price (USD) $161.593000
Total Supply (LTC) 56,231,913 LTC Latest Price (EUR) €133.215189
24 Hour Trade Volume (USD) $554,218,000 Latest Price (GBP) £116.690151
Price Change in 24 Hours * +6.84% Latest Price (CNY) 1,014.981660 元
Price Change in 7 Days * +18.37% Latest Price (RUR) 9,399.672705 ₽
24h VWAP (USD) ** $157.861062    
*The "Percent Change" data are calculated from USD prices (not BTC prices). **VWAP - Volume-Weighted Average Price.
Sources: CoinMarketCap.com, CoinCap.io, WorldCoinIndex.com

Latest Data by Market Aggregation Services (updated 15 minutes ago)
 Latest Price (USD)  $161.593000 $161.593000 $162.409683 N/A
 Latest Price (BTC)  ฿0.0173041 N/A ฿0.01734484 N/A
 24-Hour Volume  $554,218,000 $554,218,000 ฿50,485.67 N/A

Latest Trades (updated 15 minutes ago)
 Currency Pair 
LTC-BTC 0.01731200 0.01731900   0.01730503 0.01732000 0.01732800 0.01853412   0.01732036 0.01720543
LTC-USD   161.78000000     163.88700000 161.78000000 179.00000000 161.61    
LTC-EUR           132.44000000 0.00000000      
LTC-CNY               340.0    
LTC-KRW     175000              
0.23053000     0.23225278 0.23100000         0.22913420
      161.09050000         161.49300001  
                0.54997895 0.54910596

Recent Litecoin News Roundup
2018-04-23 Litecoin Recovers from LitePay's Hard Hit
2018-04-23 Huge Litecoin Transfer Shows How Absurdly Expensive Regular Remittances Are
2018-04-23 A $99 Million Transaction with Litecoin (LTC) and the Lightest Fee
2018-04-23 Litecoin (LTC) partners with TenX to launch Litecoin debit card
2018-04-22 Seems Litecoin (LTC) And TokenPay (TPAY) Are Partnering on Acquiring Bank In Germany
2018-04-22 Litecoin [LTC] transaction fees 20 times higher than Bitcoin Cash [BCH]?
2018-04-21 Litecoin Packs A Punch With TenX Partnership And Korbit Listing
2018-04-21 Litecoin [LTC] is now available on Korbit, South Korea
2018-04-21 Litecoin (LTC) and TenX To Launch Co-Branded Card
2018-04-21 Litecoin LTC's Rollercoaster Evolution - The Warning Signs
2018-04-20 $99 million LTC transaction proves that Litecoin is the future
2018-04-20 Litecoin Mining Guide: How To Mine LTC Cryptocurrency
2018-04-19 Litecoin Courting TenX and Korbit - Just a Month after LitePay 'Breakup'
2018-04-18 Litecoin Trading Arrives on South Korea's Oldest Cryptocurrency Exchange
2018-04-17 Korbit Exchange Invites Litecoin to their Cryptocurrency Platform
2018-04-17 Litecoin [LTC] sees a 6% hike after getting listed on Korbit
2018-04-17 Wirex To Produce Litecoin (LTC) Debit Card
2018-04-17 Litecoin (LTC) Announces New Listing on Korbit Exchange
2018-04-17 Litecoin (LTC): Getting a Boost from New Asian Listing
2018-04-17 Here Is Where You Can Spend your Litecoin (LTC)
2018-04-16 Litecoin (LTC) or Bitcoin (BTC)? Reasons Why LTC is the One to Buy in 2018
2018-04-16 You Can Now Run a Litecoin Lightning Network Node On Your Mac
2018-04-16 Litecoin (LTC) Pushes for LitePal Adoption, Price Remains Stable
2018-04-15 Litecoin (LTC) Debit Card To Fill the Void of LitePay
2018-04-15 Litecoin (LTC) Breaking News Updates
2018-04-14 Litecoin [LTC] provides details on the Lightning Network installation on Mac
2018-04-14 Litecoin (LTC) Price Spikes in Wake of TenX (PAY) Support; Co-branded Debit Cards Coming Soon
2018-04-12 Litecoin Debit Cards Might Become Reality Soon
2018-04-11 LTC Recovers as Litecoin Smart Contracts Set to Go Live
2018-04-11 Litecoin (LTC) Added to TenX Wallet App - Is there a Litecoin Debit on the Horizon Again?
2018-04-11 Tenx Adds Litecoin [LTC] To Its Wallet App, To Produce Litecoin Debit Card
2018-04-10 13 - Unlucky For Some But A Big Number For Litecoin
2018-04-09 Aliant and Litecoin Filling the Gap Left by LitePay
2018-04-07 Is the Litecoin (LTC) Abra Partnership Haunting Charlie Lee?
2018-04-06 The Future Of Litecoin (LTC) After Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network
2018-04-06 Charlie Lee's vision about Litecoin [LTC]'s 'bright future'
2018-04-06 Let's all #Paywithlitecoin and grow Litecoin (LTC) in 2018
2018-04-06 Litecoin [LTC] and Aliant Payments partnership offers 'well-rounded solutions for merchants'
2018-04-06 Markets Unfazed By Abra's Litecoin Announcement, Users Find Flaws
2018-04-05 Litecoin (LTC) Is Not Dead, Abra To The Rescue
2018-04-05 Litecoin boosts with use of Smart Contracts by Abra
2018-04-04 The Effects of Bearish Trends on Litecoin
2018-04-04 How Abra Is Paving The Way For Litecoin
2018-04-04 Litecoin Lifted from Amex Backed Abra Announcement
2018-04-03 Abra CEO unfolds reasons behind choosing Litecoin [LTC]'s smart contracts network
2018-04-02 Litecoin (LTC) is Exploding and here are the Reasons
2018-03-30 Is Litecoin (LTC) dead?
2018-03-29 Litecoin (LTC): Taking Small Steps to Adoption, But Price Sinks
2018-03-29 Litecoin: The Emerging Dark Web Dominant Currency
2018-03-29 What Happens Next For Litecoin (LTC)?
2018-03-28 LitePay Ceases All Operations Prior to Launch Due to CEO Controversy
2018-03-28 Litecoin gaining serious popularity in the dark web
2018-03-28 As LitePay Shuts Down, Litecoin Sees a 15 Percent Drop in Value
2018-03-28 Litecoin [LTC] prevalent in the Dark Web
2018-03-28 Litecoin Is the Dark Web's Favorite Altcoin
2018-03-28 Litecoin Dark Web Adoption Rises as Monero Privacy Flaw is Exposed
2018-03-27 The LitePay Scandal: Where is Litecoin (LTC) Now?
2018-03-27 Hyped-Up Litecoin Payment Startup LitePay Abruptly Shuts Down
2018-03-27 The 5 Best Litecoin Wallets You Need to Know for Optimum Safety and Accessibility
2018-03-27 Litecoin Wannabe Payment Processor "LitePay" Shuts Down Its Operations
2018-03-27 It's Lights Out for LitePay as Company Ceases All Operations
2018-03-27 Litecoin (LTC): Rough Times Ahead as LitePay Company Wraps Up Project
2018-03-27 Litecoin Takes a Dip as LitePay Ceases Operations
2018-03-27 Charlie Lee and Litecoin Foundation Apologize After LitePay Folds
2018-03-26 'We Got Too Excited': Charlie Lee, Litecoin Foundation Apologize After LitePay Vanishes
2018-03-24 Wall Street Bears, Crypto Bulls: Litecoin (LTC) Most Consistent Major
2018-03-23 Litecoin [LTC] updates - International transactions made easier and iOS update for LoafWallet
2018-03-22 Bitcoin vs Litecoin: G20 reassurances means much for Litecoin
2018-03-21 Litecoin Litepay Feature to Find Adoption in 2018 - Bullish Sentiment
2018-03-21 Litecoin [LTC]'s smart contracts network to be used by AbraGlobal
2018-03-19 Litecoin (LTC) & Litepay Need Government Backing To Work With MasterCard
2018-03-19 Litecoin makes a comeback as the Litecoin Core upgrade gets announced
2018-03-19 Litecoin Joins Hands with Abra Global to Bring Crypto to the Masses
2018-03-16 Litecoin [LTC] Core Upgrade - Charlie Lee Declares
2018-03-16 Litecoin [LTC] announces new Litecoin Core upgrade
2018-03-16 Litecoin (LTC) Chosen by Abra Global for Crypto Portfolio App
2018-03-15 Litecoin (LTC): LitePay Is Not Going To Happen
2018-03-14 Winklevoss Twins Eyeing Litecoin for Gemini Exchange
2018-03-13 Addressing The Litecoin (LTC) and Litecoin Cash (LCC) Power Struggle
2018-03-09 Winklevoss Twins Adding Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin to Gemini Exchange
2018-03-08 Litecoin [LTC] another token with potential exponential growth?
2018-03-04 3 Ways Litecoin (LTC) will Grow in 2018
2018-03-03 Litecoin (LTC) just got Better and Bigger
2018-03-02 Litecoin [LTC] becoming a high-publicity digital asset with active development calendar
2018-03-02 Litecoin (LTC) Releases New Core Version
2018-03-01 Litecoin Was The Top Performing Cryptocurrency In February
2018-02-28 LitePay Postpones Litecoin Debit Card Plans Due to Issues with Card Issuer
2018-02-28 LitePay Starts Although Litecoin Visa Card Delayed
2018-02-27 LitePay Launches for Merchants, Delays Cards for Now
2018-02-26 LitePay May Bring a Lot More Positive Attention to Litecoin
2018-02-26 Litecoin (LTC): Here's All About the Hard Fork
2018-02-26 LTC News: Litecoin Price On Surge With LitePay Launch
2018-02-26 Litecoin Lifts off Ahead of LitePay Launch
2018-02-26 Litecoin (LTC): LitePay Launch Expected, is Optimism Unbreakable?
2018-02-26 Litecoin (LTC): The Formidable Coin That Supplements Bitcoin
2018-02-24 Why the Internet will Use Litecoin (LTC) for Money
2018-02-22 How To Start Mining Litecoin In 2018
2018-02-21 Four Reasons why Litecoin (LTC) might be popular in 2018
2018-02-20 Litecoin (LTC) Surges Despite Litecoin Cash (LCC) Lift Off
2018-02-20 Litecoin Showing Strength Since The Fork

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A FREE 469-page eBook intended for computer scientists, electrical engineers and mathematicians both in research and practice

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