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CryptoCoin.com: IOTA (IOT)


8,030 satoshi
(Source: CoinMarketCap.com, 14 minutes ago)

IOTA (IOT) is an open-source cryptocurrency created for the project of the same name, a project attempting to build a distributed ledger for the Internet of Things. Unlike most other cryptocurrencies, which use blockchains to record transactions, IOTA has developed a new distributed ledger architecture called "Tangle" which introduces a blockchainless way of reaching consensus in a decentralised peer-to-peer system. IOTA's software is able to process transaction without any fees, thus providing a perfect platform for micropayments. Its JavaScript-based wallet client is designed to be as simple and lightweight as possible. Original announcement

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IOTA Summary
Cryptocoin IOTA (IOT)
Home Page https://iota.org/
User Forums https://forum.iota.org/BitcoinTalk.org
Documentation https://iota.readme.io/docs
Source Code https://github.com/iotaledger/wallet
Wallet Download https://github.com/iotaledger/wallet/releases/latest
Blockchain Explorer IOTA.tipsIOTASear.chTheTangle.org
Coin Exchanges
Coin Faucets  
Mining Pools --
Related Websites CoinGecko.com

Recent Related News
 • 2017-10-25: Cryptocurrency Release: IOTA (IOT) 2.5.2

 • More IOTA news...

Release History
Version Release Date Announcement • Release Notes • Changelog • Features List • Source Code
2018-01-29 release notes, source code
2017-08-09 release notes, source code
2017-07-08 release notes, source code
2017-06-07 release notes, source code
2017-02-04 release notes, source code
2017-01-17 release notes, source code
2016-09-22 release notes, source code

IOTA (IOT) Market Statistics by CoinMarketCap.com, CoinCap.io and WorldCoinIndex.com, updated 22 minutes ago
Rank (by market cap)
Market Capitalisation (USD) $1,490,118,632 Latest Price (BTC) ฿0.00008031
Available Supply (IOT) 2,779,530,283 IOT Latest Price (USD) $0.536104
Total Supply (IOT) 2,779,530,283 IOT Latest Price (EUR) €0.463051
24 Hour Trade Volume (USD) $35,635,917 Latest Price (GBP) £0.417572
Price Change in 24 Hours * +3.41% Latest Price (CNY) 3.580313 元
Price Change in 7 Days * +14.1% Latest Price (RUR) 36.558895 ₽
24h VWAP (USD) ** $0.529244    
*The "Percent Change" data are calculated from USD prices (not BTC prices). **VWAP - Volume-Weighted Average Price.
Sources: CoinMarketCap.com, CoinCap.io, WorldCoinIndex.com

Latest Data by Market Aggregation Services (updated 22 minutes ago)
 Latest Price (USD)  $0.536104 $0.536685 $0.536141 N/A
 Latest Price (BTC)  ฿0.00008031 N/A ฿0.00008016 N/A
 24-Hour Volume  $35,635,917 $35,580,220 ฿3,693.29 N/A

Recent IOTA News Roundup
2018-08-07 Envisioning IOTA beyond the Coo
2018-08-07 IOTA eyes North American expansion
2018-08-04 IOTA's Qubic project shows promise, company aims to make it more appealing
2018-08-04 IOTA Foundation Announced the Launch of IOTA Hub
2018-08-03 IOTA officially announces IOTA Hub, claims to fix network problems
2018-08-03 IOTA's Big Day: IOTA Hub Launch and Upbit Listing MIOTA
2018-08-02 Sirin Labs Drops IOTA For FINNEY Blockchain Smartphone, Looks To Ethereum
2018-07-30 IOTA Partners with Audi to Examine 'Permissionless Mobility Ecosystem'
2018-07-26 MIOTA's reaction to the AUDI partnership
2018-07-26 Audi Joins Hands With IOTA for Tangle-Based Mobility Systems
2018-07-25 IOTA and Audi partner to explore Tangle based mobility use cases
2018-07-25 Airbus IoT Expert Anes Hodžć Joins IOTA Foundation's Board
2018-07-24 What is The Tangle? Complete Guide to IOTA's Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)
2018-07-24 A peek into IOTA's vision: The technology and smart manufacturing
2018-07-22 IOTA Trinity Wallet 0.4.0 "fancy updates", Redditors say
2018-07-21 StartupAutobahn Event in Stuttgart Has a New Winner: IOTA
2018-07-18 IOTA's Provisional Roadmap For Qubic Website Is Out
2018-07-17 Too Early for IOTA (MIOTA) to Celebrate Qubic Project
2018-07-15 IOTA foundation says that Qubic will power movement of any and all cryptocurrencies
2018-07-13 IOTA Community Is "Toxic" With "No Roadmap For Scaling", Says Security PhD Candidate
2018-07-12 IOTA the best blockchain yet?
2018-07-11 IOTA to Spearhead Smart City Development Using DLT
2018-07-10 IOTA's Tangle Is Faced With Transaction Issues After Spammers Develop Parasite Chains
2018-07-10 IOTA Tangle Transactions Nosedive as Spammers Create Parasite Chains
2018-07-09 IOTA to hold a Mobility Hackathon conference on July 20-22 in Munich
2018-07-09 IOTA Ready to be Tested in EU Funded Smart City Project
2018-07-09 IOTA looks to change the world with its innovative use cases
2018-07-09 IOTA Smart City Project Gets €20 Million In EU Funding To Support Smart Ecosystem Development
2018-07-09 IOTA Smart City Project Granted €20 Million in EU Funding
2018-07-08 What Is MIOTA? Introduction to IOTA
2018-07-08 +CityxChange and IOTA Join Forces on a Massive Project Funded by the EU
2018-07-08 Will the IOTA (MIOTA) European Union, +CityxChange Project Deal Make or Break IOTA?
2018-07-08 IOTA Unveils Massive Trinity Update - Enhanced Security For The Mobile Wallet And More
2018-07-08 IOTA Posts Which Features Will Be Included In The Trinity Update
2018-07-08 IOTA Reveals Extensive Trinity Update - New Features, Improvements and Desktop Support
2018-07-07 IOTA to Help Building Smart Cities in Europe
2018-07-06 IOTA Plans to Power the IoT Revolution at the Speed of Light
2018-07-05 IOTA [MIOTA] Releases Roadmap Updates on its Special Qubic Project
2018-07-03 IOTA welcomes Volkswagen AG's former Research Director
2018-07-02 IOTA continues push into self-driving cars with latest appointment
2018-07-01 IOTA Has An Identity Verification For Tokens Reclaim Process
2018-06-30 What is IOTA? Analysis and all you need to know
2018-06-29 IOTA [MIOTA]: Tangle and Local Modifiers update
2018-06-28 IOTA [MIOTA] Qubic Lite launched by a 19 year old
2018-06-27 IOTA (MIOTA) set to anchor the autonomous vehicle industry
2018-06-27 Volkswagen, Audi Employees Being Coached on IOTA (MIOTA)
2018-06-26 IOTA [MIOTA] can be purchased at Austrian Post Office branches
2018-06-22 IOTA [MIOTA] June trail: Updates and Upgrades
2018-06-22 IOTA Teams Up with SinoPac to Work and Innovate in the Financial Sector
2018-06-22 IOTA announces partnership with SinoPac to propel financial innovation
2018-06-22 IOTA Enters Finance Industry by Joining Forces with SinoPac Financial Holdings Taiwan
2018-06-21 IOTA, Volkswagen Aiming for Early 2019 Release
2018-06-20 First VW IOTA Product Will Be Released Early Next Year
2018-06-19 IOTA (MIOTA) Working On Close To 20 Projects, Pushing For Mass Adoption
2018-06-19 IOTA [MIOTA]'s Dr. Rolf Werner speaks Blockchain at German-Japanese ICT Dialogue
2018-06-19 IOTA Launch Tangle ID System in Taipei
2018-06-19 IOTA (MOITA) Development Update; What You Need to Know
2018-06-18 IOTA's Potential as a Non-Profit Currency
2018-06-18 IOTA (MIOTA) Boldly Developing with Volkswagen
2018-06-17 Volkswagen Releases Over-the-air Proof of Concept with IOTA Foundation
2018-06-17 IOTA Provides Transparency on its Future R&D and Project Pipelines
2018-06-17 IOTA: More on its R&D project, ambiguous about the dates
2018-06-16 What is IOTA (MIOTA) and Why is Everyone Crazy About It
2018-06-16 IOTA [MIOTA]'s Tangle now will be for digital identity cards
2018-06-15 Breakdown of IOTA's Qubic Compared to Ethereum (ETH) Smart Contracts
2018-06-15 IOTA Tangle-Based Citizen ID Card Launching This Year
2018-06-12 IOTA - The Third Generation Blockchain
2018-06-12 IOTA addresses Trinity wallet security concerns
2018-06-12 IOTA Chosen To Operate Volkswagen's Autonomous Vehicle Software Updates
2018-06-12 IOTA and Volkswagen to Show Proof of Concept Project on CEBIT 2018
2018-06-11 IOTA and Volkswagen to present proof of concept at CeBIT 2018
2018-06-11 Bitpanda Adds IOTA - Light in the Dark Following Coinrail Hack
2018-06-11 IOTA teams up with Volkswagen to show off a new proof-of-concept at Cebit 2018
2018-06-11 IOTA At Another Big Exhibition In The World, But This Time With Volkswagen
2018-06-10 IOTA (MIOTA) To be Listed on Bitpanda Exchange
2018-06-10 IOTA and World's Biggest Carmaker to Demonstrate How Distributed Ledgers Can Transform the Auto Industry
2018-06-09 Volkswagen to Present Proof of Concept with IOTA at CEBIT 2018
2018-06-07 IOTA (MIOTA) Steps Up the Competition: Norway's Leading Bank Joins
2018-06-07 Bitpanda Crypto Exchange Will Be Adding Support to IOTA
2018-06-06 IOTA Launches IOTA Lab with AKITA
2018-06-06 IOTA [MIOTA] launches IOTA Lab, an open community project by AKITA
2018-06-05 IOTA Reveals New information About Secret Project Qubic
2018-06-05 IOTA has finally released Qubic: the Oracle project
2018-06-04 IOTA Releases Qubic Project Details
2018-06-04 IOTA (MIOTA)'s Qubic Project will make you a proud HODLer
2018-06-04 IOTA Greets Launch of Qubic Project, Aims to Become Complete Ecosystem
2018-06-04 IOTA Releases Details of Major Project, Qubic
2018-06-04 IOTA [MIOTA] unveils QUBIC Project: Messaging and payment system
2018-06-04 IOTA Unveils Qubic: The Key to an "IOTA-based World Supercomputer?"
2018-06-03 IOTA Foundation Air First-Ever AMA; TEDx Awaits Co-Founder
2018-06-02 IOTA Finds Perfect Stage To Attract New Partners And Mergers
2018-06-02 IOTA Partners with Norway's Largest Bank to Collaborate on Tangle DLT Implementation
2018-06-01 IOTA Lands Strategic Partnerships to Advance Tangle Technology and Data Marketplace
2018-06-01 Largest Bank Of Norway To Research Applications For Distributed Ledger Technology Of IOTA
2018-06-01 IOTA Partners With Norway's Biggest Financial Group
2018-06-01 Norway's Largest Financial Services Group Partners With IOTA Foundation To Explore Distributed Ledger Technology
2018-06-01 Norway's Largest Bank to Explore Applications for IOTA's Distributed Ledger Technology
2018-05-30 IOTA Foundation Announces Beta Release of Trinity Mobile Wallet
2018-05-30 IOTA Foundation releases long-awaited Trinity Mobile wallet app
2018-05-29 IOTA Price Rallies after Trinity Wallet Receives Beta Release

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