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CryptoCoin.com: Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

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(Source: Poloniex, 13 minutes ago)

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is an open-source, decentralised cryptocurrency platform announced in July 2015 when the original Ethereum (ETH) blockchain was hard-forked following a security breach. Although the hard fork option was excessively debated and eventually approved by the Ethereum Foundation, many users felt that this move represented censorship and interference with a project that was supposed to be "decentralised". This disagreement brought about the birth of Ethereum Classic, a project whose main goal is to ensure the survival of the original Ethereum blockchain. As a result, the currency of Ethereum (called "ether") now exists in two forms, ETC and ETH, with both being actively traded on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges. The Original announcement.

Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 29 (8.2), 6 months: 35 (10.1), 3 months: 26 (12.5), 4 weeks: 44 (13.0), 1 week: 13 (18.1)

Ethereum Classic Summary
Cryptocoin Ethereum Classic (ETC)
Home Page https://ethereumclassic.github.io/
User Forums BitcoinTalk.org
Documentation ReadTheDocs.io
Source Code https://github.com/ethereumclassic
Wallet Download https://github.com/ethereumproject/mist/releases
Blockchain Explorer ETCChain.comGasTracker.ioMinerGate.com
Coin Exchanges BinanceBitfinexBithumbBittrexHitBTCKrakenPoloniexShapeShift
Coin Faucets  
Mining Pools
Related Websites CoinGecko.com

Release History
Version Release Date Announcement • Release Notes • Changelog • Features List • Source Code
2016-11-19 release notes, source code
2016-08-04 release notes, source code

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Market Statistics by CoinMarketCap.com, CoinCap.io and WorldCoinIndex.com, updated 24 minutes ago
Rank (by market cap)
Market Capitalisation (USD) $3,391,949,456 Latest Price (BTC) ฿0.00269322
Available Supply (ETC) 99,257,299 ETC Latest Price (USD) $34.173300
Total Supply (ETC) 99,257,299 ETC Latest Price (EUR) €28.137084
24 Hour Trade Volume (USD) $394,593,000 Latest Price (GBP) £24.855440
Price Change in 24 Hours * +4.9% Latest Price (CNY) 234.600481 元
Price Change in 7 Days * -13.44% Latest Price (RUR) 2,078.556412 ₽
24h VWAP (USD) ** $32.283701    
*The "Percent Change" data are calculated from USD prices (not BTC prices). **VWAP - Volume-Weighted Average Price.
Sources: CoinMarketCap.com, CoinCap.io, WorldCoinIndex.com

Latest Data by Market Aggregation Services (updated 24 minutes ago)
 Latest Price (USD)  $34.173300 $34.179100 $34.292188 N/A
 Latest Price (BTC)  ฿0.00269322 N/A ฿0.00269929 N/A
 24-Hour Volume  $394,593,000 $394,195,000 ฿26,168.54 N/A

Latest Trades (updated 24 minutes ago)
 Currency Pair 
ETC-BTC 0.00269600 0.00269720   0.00268530 0.00270300 0.00269900 0.00269164 0.00267321
ETC-USD   34.11900000     34.02000000 34.39700000    
ETC-EUR           28.10400000    
ETC-KRW     44330          
0.02984000     0.03000000 0.03003200 0.02996500 0.03000331 0.02971172
      34.15000000     34.12615910  

Recent Ethereum Classic News Roundup
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2018-01-09 Why Ethereum Classic Matters in 2018
2018-01-02 Barry Silbert Catches the Attention of Securities Lawyers with Ethereum Classic "Hype"
2018-01-01 Ethereum Classic Tech Update Sees 30% New Year Price Spike
2017-12-25 Barry Silbert's Tweets Could Be 'Pump and Dump' Scheme To Promote Ethereum Classic
2017-11-30 ETC to Limit Token Supply, Become Store of Value This December
2017-11-28 Ethereum Classic 'Changes' Boost Price to New All-Time Highs Over $30
2017-11-21 Is it too late to be an Ethereum Classic investor and adopter?
2017-11-17 Ethereum Classic: We Can Keep Up with ETH, Says IOHK CEO
2017-11-14 Shares to be Issued In Ethereum Classic Investment Trust
2017-11-13 Ethereum Classic Beats All But Bitcoin Cash As Price Tops $18
2017-11-13 Ethereum Classic Rises in Price Preceding ETC Summit
2017-11-06 Ethereum Classic Snaps Slump as Price Hits Eight-Week High
2017-10-19 Ethereum Classic: Store the Alternative Coin for Safety and Ease of Use
2017-10-13 Exodus adds Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) support
2017-09-19 Ethereum Classic Price Goes Back to Double Digits Thanks to Chinese Trading Volume
2017-08-23 Ethereum Classic Price Catapulting in Minutes - South Korean Trading Factor
2017-08-23 Suddenly, Ethereum Classic Price Explodes 25% on South Korea Rumors
2017-08-15 How to Buy Ethereum Classic (ETC) is 3 Simple Steps - A Beginner's Guide
2017-08-11 Ethereum Classic Forges Its Own Identity With New Mantis Client
2017-08-09 Ethereum Classic Begins to Differentiate Itself from Ethereum With Release of New Mantis Client
2017-08-01 Ethereum Classic (ETC): Everything Beginners Need To Know
2017-07-23 Coinbase Clarifies, No Plans to Integrate Ethereum Classic Yet
2017-07-17 ALFAcashier adds support for Ethereum Classic (ETC)
2017-07-14 Ethereum Classic Comes Big To China, Becomes Best Performing Crypto On Friday
2017-07-12 OKCoin Intl to launch Ethereum Classic (ETC) support on July 15th
2017-07-12 Huobi Will Enable ETC Deposits and Withdrawals Later Today, Trading Begins Tomorrow
2017-07-12 Ethereum Classic Makes Its Way Onto Chinese Exchange Huobi
2017-06-26 BTCC launches cryptocurrency only exchange with ETC/BTC as first asset
2017-06-26 Major Chinese Bitcoin Exchange Lists Ethereum Classic Ahead of Ethereum
2017-06-25 Cryptocurrency exchange BTCC DAX launches with Ethereum Classic
2017-06-20 While Ethereum Surges, Ethereum Classic Plays The Dark Horse
2017-06-19 Ethereum Classic Steadily Rises To Surprise Top Ten Crypto Markets
2017-06-18 Ethereum Classic Used To Fight Ticket Touts
2017-06-16 Is Ethereum Classic (ETC) a Good Investment?
2017-06-15 Ethereum Classic Becomes First Crypto Research On Bloomberg Terminals
2017-06-14 Ethereum Classic Climbs the Ranks to Become Fourth Largest Cryptocurrency by Market Cap
2017-06-11 Ethereum Classic Shoots Up the Charts, Market Cap Now #4
2017-06-07 Ethereum Classic Launch Report: ETC/BTC Up 1.49% on HitBTC
2017-06-07 eToro Adds Ethereum Classic, Advertises Crypto In London
2017-06-07 HitBTC goes live with Ethereum Classic (ETC) trading
2017-06-01 China Trade Resurgence Makes Everyone Rich - Except Ethereum Classic
2017-05-29 Bobby Lee's Twitter contest brings Ethereum Classic to BTCC
2017-05-26 Ethereum Classic Becomes Fifth Largest Cryptocurrency, Briefly Beats NEM, Litecoin
2017-05-21 BitTicket Uses Ethereum Classic to Book Tickets on a Blockchain
2017-05-09 Force Behind Ethereum Classic Price Wave: Community
2017-05-06 Ethereum Classic Challenges Dash As Silbert Support Gains Momentum
2017-05-01 Ethereum Classic Price at All-Time High
2017-04-30 Ethereum Developer Denies Filing Complaint Against Ethereum Classic Trust
2017-04-27 Ethereum Classic Takes Stance Against "Manipulative Crowdsale Tactics"
2017-04-26 Grayscale Opens Ethereum Classic Vehicle to Accredited Investors
2017-04-25 What's Driving Ether Classic to All-Time Highs?
2017-04-18 Deadline for Ethereum Classic DAO Withdrawals Extended
2017-04-13 Deadline Looms on Ethereum Classic DAO Withdrawals
2017-03-26 Ethereum Price to Surge with Ethereum Classic Private Fund on the Horizon
2017-03-07 Ethereum Classic Next Currency to Gain Private Investment Fund
2017-03-03 Ethereum Classic Integrates Deflationary Monetary Policy
2017-03-03 Knives Come Out in Ethereum Classic (ETC) Land
2017-03-03 Beyond Immutability: Ethereum Classic Maps a Way Forward
2017-03-01 230 Million: Ethereum Classic Community Backs Limit on Total Tokens
2017-02-23 If Bitcoin ETF Gets Approved, Ethereum Classic ETF Will Follow
2017-02-19 Claymore’s Dual Miner – Ethereum & Ethereum Classic Dual Mining DCR,SIA,LBRY
2017-02-15 Upcoming Ethereum Classic Hackathon Aims to Foster Blockchain Development in China
2017-02-13 Epic Battle of Dash vs. Ethereum Classic Not Over Yet: Charles Hoskinson
2017-02-10 How to Mine Ethereum Classic (ETC) on Windows/Linux with AMD/nVidia GPU
2017-01-29 Ethereum Classic is Establishing Itself
2017-01-25 Has This Ethereum Classic Developer Solved Proof of Stake?
2017-01-24 Barry Silbert Clarifies Naming of Proposed Ethereum (ETC) Investment Trust
2017-01-23 Grayscale to Launch Ethereum Classic Trust, Modeled After Bitcoin Investment Trust
2017-01-22 Barry Silbert Sparks Controversy with Launch of Ethereum (ETC) Trust
2017-01-13 Ethereum Classic Hard Forks; Diffuses ‘Difficulty Bomb’
2017-01-13 Ethereum Classic Freezes 'Difficulty Bomb' With 'Diehard' Fork
2017-01-10 Ethereum Foundation Has Sold 90 Percent of ETC in Last 6 Months
2016-12-30 Ether Classic Surges to More-Than 4-Month High
2016-12-17 Ethereum Classic Price Surges By Over 30%
2016-12-16 How Classic is Ethereum’s Austrian Kin
2016-12-13 Ethereum Classic Forges New Path; Revamped Monetary Policy Could Be Next
2016-12-08 Ethereum Classic's Volume Has Fallen 99% From Its Peak
2016-11-04 Ethereum Classic Fundamentals
2016-11-04 Major Chinese Exchange BTCC Selects Ethereum Classic Over ETH
2016-10-28 The DAO Hacker Cashes Out
2016-10-27 The Plot Thickens As DAO Attacker Trades Stolen Funds for Bitcoin
2016-10-27 Altcoin Report: Ethereum Classic Embraces the Hard Fork
2016-10-25 As Ethereum Classic Forks, DAO Hacker Moves Funds
2016-10-25 Ethereum Classic Hardforks Successfully
2016-10-25 The Blockchain Created By Ethereum's Fork is Forking Now
2016-10-22 Ethereum Classic to Get a Hard Fork of Its Own
2016-10-21 Ethereum Classic To Hard Fork October 25
2016-10-18 Ahead Of Today's ETH Hard Fork, Exchange Alerts on Risk of Unintentional ETC Fork
2016-10-18 Altcoin Report: Ethereum Classic Crashes From DOS Attack
2016-10-14 Ethereum Classic Divided Over the Proposed Hardfork
2016-10-12 Ethereum Classic’s Price Crashes as Network Comes Under Attack
2016-10-05 Ethereum Classic on Jaxx Wallet Approved by Apple
2016-09-30 Ethereum Classic Investment Trust
2016-09-28 Classic Ether's Decline Highlights Bitcoin's Biggest Potential Weakness
2016-09-27 A Victorious Rebellion? Microsoft Investigates Ethereum Classic’s Potential
2016-09-27 Ethereum vs Ethereum: Which Is the Ship of Theseus?
2016-09-24 Jaxx Blockchain Wallet Now Supports Litecoin and Ethereum Classic
2016-09-19 High Severity Ethereum Geth Nodes Crash, ETH Hashrate Drops, ETC Remains Safe
2016-09-12 Jaxx Says Ethereum Classic's Rejection By iOS App Store Is “Apple's Loss”

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