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CryptoCoin.com: Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH)

0.088 BTC
(Source: Poloniex, 2 minutes ago)

Ethereum (ETH), launched in July 2015 after a successful fund-raising period, is an open-source, decentralised cryptocurrency platform with "smart contracts", a set of scripts which run on top of Ethereum's blockchain and which automatically enforce contracts and agreements. It is also a development platform that makes it easy to build decentralised applications using Ethereum's own scripting language. The currency behind the Ethereum network is called "Ether". While the developers intended Ether to be just a token (rather than currency) to pay for computation and network maintenance, Ether (often referred to as "Ethereum") is actively traded on many digital currency exchanges. Original announcement.

Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 16 (11.4), 6 months: 23 (10.9), 3 months: 32 (11.9), 4 weeks: 29 (7.4), 1 week: 27 (6.2)

Ethereum Summary
Cryptocoin Ethereum (ETH)
Home Page https://www.ethereum.org/
User Forums https://forum.ethereum.org/BitcoinTalk.org
Documentation Whitepaper
Source Code https://github.com/ethereum
Wallet Download https://github.com/ethereum/mist/releases/
Blockchain Explorer https://www.etherchain.org/
Coin Exchanges BinanceBitfinexBithumbBittrexCEX.IOHitBTCKrakenLivecoinPoloniexShapeShift
Coin Faucets EtherFaucet.org
Mining Pools  
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 • 2017-07-25: Cryptocurrency Release: Ethereum (ETH) 0.9.0
 • 2017-02-02: Cryptocurrency Release: Ethereum (ETH) 0.8.9
 • 2016-12-17: Cryptocurrency Release: Ethereum (ETH) 0.8.8
 • 2016-10-17: Cryptocurrency Release: Ethereum (ETH) 0.8.6
 • 2016-09-27: Cryptocurrency Release: Ethereum (ETH) 0.8.3

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Release History
Version Release Date Announcement • Release Notes • Changelog • Features List • Source Code
2017-11-21 release notes, source code
2017-02-02 release notes, source code
2016-06-24 release notes, source code
2016-04-07 release notes, source code
2016-03-13 release notes, source code
2016-02-16 release notes, source code

Ethereum (ETH) Market Statistics by CoinMarketCap.com, CoinCap.io and WorldCoinIndex.com, updated 23 minutes ago
Rank (by market cap)
Market Capitalisation (USD) $81,435,470,424 Latest Price (BTC) ฿0.0886572
Available Supply (ETH) 97,838,366 ETH Latest Price (USD) $832.347000
Total Supply (ETH) 97,838,366 ETH Latest Price (EUR) €675.779051
24 Hour Trade Volume (USD) $1,612,550,000 Latest Price (GBP) £594.375247
Price Change in 24 Hours * -0.26% Latest Price (CNY) 5,627.159542 元
Price Change in 7 Days * -11.68% Latest Price (RUR) 46,521.838748 ₽
24h VWAP (USD) ** $830.417272    
*The "Percent Change" data are calculated from USD prices (not BTC prices). **VWAP - Volume-Weighted Average Price.
Sources: CoinMarketCap.com, CoinCap.io, WorldCoinIndex.com

Latest Data by Market Aggregation Services (updated 23 minutes ago)
 Latest Price (USD)  $832.347000 $832.187000 $829.677840 N/A
 Latest Price (BTC)  ฿0.0886572 N/A ฿0.08792436 N/A
 24-Hour Volume  $1,612,550,000 $1,608,890,000 ฿100,033.99 N/A

Latest Trades (updated 23 minutes ago)
 Currency Pair 
ETH-BTC 0.08798100 0.08800000   0.08806890 0.08847500 0.08808800 0.08802000 0.08770200 0.08800000 0.08737832
ETH-USD   827.65000000     846.77000000 842.48000000 830.51000000 874.52488000    
ETH-EUR         678.62000000   674.48000000      
ETH-GBP             575.00000000      
ETH-CAD             1039.53000000      
ETH-JPY             87711.00000000      
ETH-KRW     967000              
      831.23549998         827.99999995  

Recent Ethereum News Roundup
2018-02-24 What is Ethereum? A Complete Guide to Ethereum for Beginners
2018-02-23 Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin Deletes Tweet About Sharding, Community Buzzes
2018-02-23 Report Claims 34,000 Ethereum Smart Contracts Are Vulnerable to Bugs
2018-02-23 Ethereum Governance 'Not That Bad' Says Buterin Amid Fund Debate
2018-02-23 Mysterious Hacker Sends $17.5m Worth of ETH Back to CoinDash
2018-02-23 Fake_CoinDash Hacker Sends Back 20,000 ETH
2018-02-23 CoinDash Hacker Inexplicably Returns Another 20,000 ETH Days Before Platform Launch
2018-02-22 How to Use the New Claymore's Dual Ethereum GPU Miner v11.0 with Blake2s and KECCAK Algorithms
2018-02-22 The Blockchain is Perfect... Right? (Ethereum has a 0.36 Percent Fail Rate)
2018-02-21 Singapore Research Team Codifies 3 New Ethereum VM Vulnerabilities
2018-02-20 There's No Point in Bitmain Developing an Ethereum ASIC Miner
2018-02-20 Monetized Digital Gaming Has Taken Over the Ethereum Blockchain
2018-02-20 Vitalik Has a New Idea for ICOs - And It's Being Tested
2018-02-20 Dogethereum Success: light at the end of the tunnel for Ethereum (ETH) Scalability problem
2018-02-19 Ethereum Co-Founder Warns Cryptocurrencies Could Drop to Near Zero
2018-02-19 ETHGlobal to Sponsor Ethereum Hackathons All Over the World
2018-02-19 Buterin Warns Ethereum Coins (ETH) Could Reach $0 at ANY Time
2018-02-19 Ethereum Client Geth 1.8 Iceberg Announced
2018-02-18 Ethereum users are against the Recovery code
2018-02-18 How Will a $100 Mln Grant Help Ethereum Scale?
2018-02-18 Contentious Ethereum Fund Recovery Proposal Continues To Spark Debate
2018-02-18 Vitalik Buterin Warns All Cryptocurrencies May Fall to Zero at Any Time
2018-02-18 Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin: Traditional assets are the safest bet for saving lives
2018-02-17 The CryptoKitties Competitors: 4 Ethereum Games That Are Catching Up
2018-02-16 Yoichi Hirai, Ethereum Code Editor Resigns Over Legal Concerns
2018-02-16 Unprecedented $100 Million Ethereum Community Fund Is Launched
2018-02-16 Vitalik Buterin To Advise New 'Ethereum Community Fund' Sponsoring ETH Infrastructure
2018-02-15 Ecosystem Players Launch Ethereum Community Fund Grant Program
2018-02-15 Ethereum Code Editor Resigns Over Legal Concerns For Ledger Amendment Proposal
2018-02-15 How Ethereum's Co-Founder Is Playing The Crypto Crash
2018-02-15 Bitmain out the bushes with ASIC Ethereum miner
2018-02-15 Ethereum Developer Resigns as Code Editor Citing Legal Concerns
2018-02-14 Ethereum Mining Guide: 2018 Edition
2018-02-14 Canadian Securities Exchange Reveals Plans For Ethereum-Based Fundraising Platform
2018-02-14 Why You Should Invest In Ethereum After The 2018 Crash
2018-02-13 How To Shop With Ethereum in Local Stores Using Debit Card
2018-02-12 Ethereum Developers in Heated Debate Concerning Fund Recovery Proposal
2018-02-12 "No One Should Have That Power" - Maxwell Slams Vitalik Buterin "Rescue Forks"
2018-02-12 Ethereum Will Pass Bitcoin In April 2018
2018-02-11 Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) - Coming together to Disrupt the World
2018-02-11 What is The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)? A Sign That Ethereum is Here to Stay
2018-02-10 Ethereum's Blockchain Is Being Trailed In A Number Of Exciting Ways
2018-02-09 Ethereum Developers Call for Public Debate on Fund Recovery
2018-02-08 Claymore's Dual ETH GPU Miner v11.0 Now Available
2018-02-08 Will Ethereum Security Tokens Address KYC Trading Security Needs?
2018-02-08 Scaling Ethereum for Global Adoption
2018-02-07 Aethia: Building a Whole New Game World on Ethereum
2018-02-06 UNICEF recruits gamers to mine Ethereum in aid of Syrian children
2018-02-05 UNICEF Asks PC Gamers To Mine Ethereum And Donate To Syrian Children
2018-02-03 Vitalik Buterin Donates $2.4 Million In Ether To Anti-Aging Research
2018-02-03 Vitalik Buterin Donates $2.4 Million Towards Cure For Aging
2018-02-03 Vitalik Buterin Gifts $2.4 Million of Ether to SENS Research Foundation
2018-02-02 Gregory Maxwell and Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin Square Off on Reddit
2018-02-02 $1 Million Worth of Ethereum Phished from Bee Token Investors
2018-02-01 The Ethereum Foundation Welcomes New Executive Director Aya Miyaguchi
2018-02-01 ShadowFork's Smart Contract Bug Freezes $1M Worth of Ethereum
2018-01-31 What is Ethereum?
2018-01-30 Investment Fund Moves to Capitalize on Ethereum Ecosystem
2018-01-29 Hacker Steals $150,000 Worth of Ethereum from Experty ICO
2018-01-29 Ethereum Is Quietly Closing In on Record Price Highs
2018-01-29 Ether Rising - Up 30% in a Week
2018-01-26 Ethereum Powering AMD and Nvidia to New Highs
2018-01-26 Vitalik: First Part of Ethereum's Sharding Roadmap Is Nearly Done
2018-01-25 Vitalik Buterin has announced new DAICO fundraising model
2018-01-24 Move Over, CryptoKitties! CryptoCelebrities Has Arrived
2018-01-24 IoT malware Satori is targeting Ethereum miners and replacing their wallet addresses
2018-01-23 Ether Price Outlook Gloomy After Again Falling Below $1K
2018-01-22 Canadian Research Body Pilots Ethereum in Transparency Push
2018-01-20 How To Install Latest Ethereum Node on Ubuntu 16.04
2018-01-19 Canadian Government Experiments with Publishing on Ethereum
2018-01-19 Ethereum's Blockchain Holds as Much USD Value as All Other Blockchains
2018-01-19 Best Ethereum Mining Hardware (2018 Updated)
2018-01-18 Ethercraft Goes Live: What Is It and How Does It Work?
2018-01-17 Ethereum Network Congestion Forces Exchanges to Halt Withdrawals
2018-01-17 4G Trailblazer Ron Resnick Named First Executive Director of Ethereum's EEA
2018-01-17 Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Appoints First Executive Director
2018-01-17 Cornell Professor Claims Ethereum is More Distributed and Decentralized Than Bitcoin
2018-01-15 Vitalik Buterin left the position of Fenbushi Capital general partner
2018-01-15 Ethereum Blockchain Dominates World's Transactions
2018-01-11 Ethereum CoFounder Vitalik Buterin Coins New Term "DAICO" as ICO Improvement
2018-01-11 New Ethereum Client Vulnerabilities Expose Serious Security Problems
2018-01-10 MyEtherWallet Refutes Hacking Rumors
2018-01-10 Five Reasons to be Bullish on Ethereum
2018-01-10 Ethereum May Outstrip Bitcoin, Says Nerayoff
2018-01-09 How a Hackathon Birthed the CryptoKitties Origin Story
2018-01-09 MyEtherWallet Сlaims Hacking Rumors Are'Stupid Lie'
2018-01-09 Warning: MyEtherWallet could be compromised
2018-01-09 Ether Retakes Previous Spot as Number Two Cryptocurrency
2018-01-09 Ethereum Advisor Predicts Greater Adoption
2018-01-09 Ether Bucks Bearish Trend to Hold Above $1,200
2018-01-09 MyEtherWallet: under attack of hackers or competitors?
2018-01-09 Ethereum Price Highs Overshadow New Wave of Tech Issues
2018-01-09 Ethereum Pioneer and Early Contributor Says ETH Could Triple in 2018
2018-01-08 Extreme Tech Challenge Highlights Ethereum At CES Las Vegas
2018-01-08 Ethereum Network Now Supports Tether-Issued USDT and EURT Tokens
2018-01-07 As Ethereum Surpasses $100 Billion, Can Powerful Decentralized Applications Justify its Market Cap?
2018-01-06 An Ethereum (ETH) Based World
2018-01-06 Brazilian Government Plans to Process Petitions and Write Laws on Ethereum
2018-01-05 Ethereum Co-founder Announces Subsidy for Solutions to the Scalability Issue
2018-01-05 Ethereum Flows into Four Figures

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