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Stratis (STRAT) is a blockchain-as-a-service provider that supports C# and .NET development. Enterprises are able to build their own private blockchains, which can be integrated with the main Stratis blockchain. Stratis is one of the earliest of a range of blockchain development platforms. It was initially as platform whereby developers could easily create their own private blockchain. Stratis wanted their platform to be the premier blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) tailored for use by organisations. However, since launching, Sratis has increased the scope of their project. They want to build out a larger blockchain development network that will take on the likes of NEO and Ethereum. Can Stratis actually compete in this highly competitive space and provide an attractive alternative to these blockchains? In this Stratis review, we will attempt to answer that question by taking a deep-dive on the project. We will look at the technology, team members and unique advantages of its blockchain. We will also analyse the STRAT token and whether you should consider it.

Stratis Core Wallet Releases

Version Released (d/m/y)
Stratis Core Wallet v1.1.1.0 27/03/2019 17:55:58
Stratis Core Wallet v1.1.0.0 13/03/2019 15:29:16
Stratis Core Wallet v1.0.0.0 12/12/2018 14:47:42
Stratis Core Wallet Continuous-Delivery 17/12/2018 13:40:08
Stratis Core Wallet v0.2.0-beta 11/04/2018 12:30:20
Stratis Core Wallet v0.1.0-alpha 18/12/2017 14:21:05