About Stratis Breeze Wallet

Stratis Breeze Wallet Download

As of October 31, the Breeze beta wallet is still in testnet mode, meaning that any Bitcoin/Stratis tokens received/sent using this wallet are not “real”. Since these tokens are test tokens, it allows the team to unveil the software to its users. Users can try and test the features to ensure there are no bugs before the team releases it live on the main network. Along with this, as we approach the release of Segwit2x, it makes sense to wait until after the release of Segwit2x to deliver the main network release. This makes it easier for the team as they don’t need to support Segwit2x in the Breeze wallet. Since there was an alpha release of Breeze prior to the release of Breeze beta, users who have the alpha release will need to perform these steps to ensure compatibility. There is also a link to download the updated wallet from the team’s github page. The beauty of the Breeze beta release is the wide array of supported operating system platforms: Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

Stratis Breeze Wallet Releases

Version Released (d/m/y)
Stratis Breeze Wallet Continuous-Delivery 09/10/2018 16:23:41
Stratis Breeze Wallet 1.0.1 29/08/2018 15:23:25
Stratis Breeze Wallet cd-unstable 21/11/2017 11:27:02
Stratis Breeze Wallet v0.3.0-beta 21/11/2017 14:53:35
Stratis Breeze Wallet v0.2.0-beta 23/10/2017 12:56:46
Stratis Breeze Wallet v0.2.1-beta 13/07/2017 14:53:59
Stratis Breeze Wallet v0.1.0-alpha 30/06/2017 20:54:36
Stratis Breeze Wallet V0.0.1-alpha 22/05/2017 08:04:48