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Litecoin (LTC) is one amongst the elderly cryptocurrencies in existence; launched in October 2011 as a fork of Bitcoin. It shares countless similar attributes as Bitcoin. Litecoin Core is the official full node client of the Litecoin project that supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. The functions of the Litecoin Core Client: To store, send and receive Litecoin and transaction history. The latest version offers multi- separate wallets, better fee estimation, and other improvements from previous releases Unlike other wallets, it contains all the protocols and rules required to access the Litecoin blockchain. This desktop wallet helps you keep your private and public keys. The Litecoin wallet can be encrypted for additional security. With all such features, the company has managed to set a position and good name amongst the Litecoin traders and miners. It also operates according to the MIT License

Litecoin Core Wallet Releases

Version Released (d/m/y)
Litecoin Core Wallet v0.16.3 29/09/2018 08:56:03
Litecoin Core Wallet v0.15.1 24/04/2018 12:38:13
Litecoin Core Wallet v0.16.0rc1 24/04/2018 12:35:06
Litecoin Core Wallet v0.15.1rc1 24/04/2018 12:34:35
Litecoin Core Wallet v0.15.0.1rc1 22/11/2017 03:27:45
Litecoin Core Wallet v0.10.4.0 22/11/2017 03:22:16
Litecoin Core Wallet v0.14.2 22/11/2017 03:20:44
Litecoin Core Wallet v0.13.3 22/11/2017 03:20:18
Litecoin Core Wallet v0.13.2.1 12/01/2017 07:03:03
Litecoin Core Wallet v0.13.2 10/01/2017 03:38:51